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Concept Development.

Concept development is where creative minds are put to work; developing no holds barred ideas and concepts for every aspect of a design brief.

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"Pushing the boundaries of what can be done helps formulate 'real world' solutions for our clients"


"Our tools of choice for concept design are paper, pencils and the creative minds of our design team"

Concept Design is the foundation of any product design project undertaken by Fripp Design and Research.

The foundations created at the concept development stage of a design project  are fundamental to its success; it is where we work out what works, what doesn't and what's possible.

Fripp Design and Research use a combination of brainstorming techniques, tried and tested hand sketching methods and our own unique ways of sourcing inspiration to wean the very finest ideas from the concept; starting with the wonderfully impractical and quickly moving to the sharp, resolved and most importantly innovative ideas you expect. Concept design and concept development will also include basic CAD to allow us to fully visualise and more importantly communicate our ideas to you.

Throughout the course of a concept design and concept development you will be informed through professionally assembled presentations, as frequently as you wish, of the project progress meaning that at no point will the project stray from the direction you wish for it to take.

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