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Trianco - Storage Hopper.

Established leaders in industrial and domestic heating systems, Trianco contacted Fripp Design and Research with a task of re engineering a biomass fuel storage hopper.

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The storage hoppers are used to store natural fuel in the form of pellets or chips, before incineration in a wide range of biomass boilers.  The requirement was to take accurate dimensional details from several units and create a best of breed solution to be produced under the Trianco name.

Work started on-site with the design team using accurate but quick methods of reverse engineering over 40 sheet metal components into 3D CAD.  Once the basic parts were created in CAD it was back to the design studio to refine the details to ensure all components have the correct tolerance and are suitable for Trianco's method of manufacture.

Once completed, the CAD was sent through to Trianco's internal engineering team and approved for production. 

Within 4 weeks the first prototype unit was produced in preparation for the manufacture roll out.