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KitKat 'We Will find You' Promotion.

Fripp Design and Research help develop the UK’s first GPS tracking sweets!

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In December 2012, Fripp Design and Research were approached by a collaboration that included Nestlé and a market leading promotional company with an urgent requirement.  The team had conceived a new promotional campaign called ‘We Will Find You’ for Nestlé but technical issues had presented an unexpected challenge in delivering it.

In the campaign, Nestlé placed GPS tracking technology inside a number of its confectionary bar packets with the concept being that the company tracks down the winners, rather than the other way round.  In the ‘We Will Find You’ promotion consumers who find the special GPS enabled device in their packs of Kit-Kat four bar, Kit-Kat Chunky, Aero or Yorkie activate the location system and the promotional team would then find them within 24 hours and deliver a cash prize.

Once the location system was developed, the challenge was how to package these in such a way that, from the consumers perspective, looked and felt like the real thing in terms of dimensions, weight and strength whilst protecting the health and safety of the consumer in a robust and tamperproof manner.  This was demanding in its own right, but this was not the major challenge; that came from the timescales involved.  Nestlé were committed to the project, so we needed to commit to their very tight deadline; which of course we did.

The services we provided included:

• Reverse Engineering
• 3D CAD
• 3D CAD Analysis
• Design for Prototype
• Design for Manufacture
• Prototype Production
• Project Management

Our solution was both elegant and simple using accurate reverse engineering and 3D CAD as well as both in house and the best of breed 3D printing technologies to manufacture lightweight, strong and accurate components for all devices that made it very difficult to detect the contents.  This unique application of modern design and production helped to maintain the project deadline and deliver a successful UK wide promotion.