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M&I Materials.

Fripp Design and Research were approached by M&I Materials to improve the perceived value of their Metrosil product range to make them more competitive.

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“Fripp Design and Research’s design services has been instigational in the market acceptance of the Metrosil 800. Their understanding of both our capabilities and customer needs has helped us gain that competitive advantage”

M&I have been manufacturing Silicone Carbide varistors for the last 60 years and are a well known and successful competitor in the market.  Although they have a strong reputation from product reliability and are a trusted name, the design of the Metrosil range has hardly changed during its lifespan.   

After initially being approached to overhaul the aesthetics of the product, Fripp Design and Research determined that if they could also reduce the labour intensive production method it would add greater value to the product.  By removing a tricky and fiddly pre assembly process and replacing it with a modular sheet metal part, the time spent manufacturing a Metrosil unit has been significantly condensed. 

M&I had previously never worked with an external design consultancy before and Fripp Design and Research carefully helped them through the process, right from research and initial concept all the way through to production of a prototype.  By providing a wide range of initial concepts, Fripp Design helped M&I to narrow down on exactly what they were looking for with a redesigned unit.  They then developed and refined the design into something that added little cost to production of a unit but added large value to the brand.