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Ophthalmic Medical Instruments.

Jeremy Joseph, an ophthalmic surgeon, approached Fripp Design & Research to help design a kit of instruments for ophthalmic surgery (eye surgery)

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Jeremy regularly undertakes charitable work in underdeveloped countries and wanted a kit of instruments that would not only reduce preparation time for surgery in the UK but that could have huge benefits when working in countries that may not have access to a large range of tools and/or sterilisation techniques.

Jeremy identified that new and emerging technology could be used to provide a high level of customisation without compromising on the cost or material choices of the kit and identified a need for a research and design project to explore the production option that may be suitable.

After Fripp Design and Research undertook a brief feasibility study looking into Laser Sintering and MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), the project focused on creating a pre-sterilised kit of instruments that would arrive at the surgeon as a single item.

Fripp Design and Research developed the idea from an initial concept through to a functioning, high quality prototype that Jeremy could take to investment opportunities to illustrate not only how his final design would look but also how well it would perform. 

Work undertaken by Fripp Design & Research includes -
• Trialling emerging technologies
• Developing idea from initial concept
• First (functional) prototype
• Design development
• Revised prototype
• Design development
• Final Presentation Prototype

Jeremy is currently in the process of getting his patent granted and is working on getting the product to market.