National Apprentice Week – A view from an Apprentice

As this is National Apprentice Week we thought we would ask Beth, an Apprentice at Fripp Design and Research what her experience has been to date. What follows are her words verbatim.

“I have now been working at Fripp Design & Research just over a month now, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

I personally thought at first that I would not like/enjoy the admin role once I started, but I was definitely wrong.

I do such a variety.

At first I hoped that they wouldn’t give me as much work to do as I was new and was learning. They gave me quiet a lot to do but always told me if it was ever to much I was just to tell them. Me been me, I didn’t want to tell them, as I would of thought that I wasn’t up to their standards. Luckily, I was just been silly and got used to all the different jobs and now I do them without even thinking. If I ever did think that it got too much I would definitely tell them because they know that I am learning and they wouldn’t want to see me struggling.

I was so scared when I first started thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do all the work but once I had been here a bit longer and start getting familiar with the jobs they become more easier and if I ever forget how to do something the managers will always point me in the right direction once again.

I am now getting familiar with clients and it is making me feel more comfortable when talking to them.

They staff and managers have made me feel so welcome and a part of their team.

I get a long with all the staff, it feels like I’ve always worked here with them. They don’t treat me as an apprentice, they treat me as an employee which is a nice feeling.

I am so glad that Fripp Design & Research picked me to be part of their team as I have learnt so much already and will hopefully learn a lot more in time.”

We feel the same way about Beth. If Beth is typical of those wanting to take up an apprenticeship, then the future is bright for UK PLC.