Solutions for the Planet – We need more Women in seats of power!

We were asked to support a program which encourages young people to look at societal problems, finding solutions that are economically viable.

The Yorkshire finalists were invited to the Houses of Parliament for the judging of their ideas and the event was hosted by Hilary Benn (you can see the pictures here).

The quality of the entrants was superb with many of the ideas having the potential to be commercially viable, which bodes well for the next generation of wealth creators that UK PLC will need.

What intrigued us that 8 of the 10 teams were girls and 9 of the 10 judges were middle aged men.

What happens to all that female talent between youth and middle age? We guess many go on to take that ultimate challenge, bringing up their children (which is a much harder task than saving the planet!).

But if we are to find solutions to the planet’s problems, we will need the talents of women; question is how do we get them reengaged?

Perhaps if we can convince women that saving the planet is a doddle compared to bringing up children, and saving the planet is good for their children, the planet can be saved!